Month of the Sharks

Posted 20 October 2011

To KNOW is to LOVE is to PROTECT!

We KNOW that sharks are massively reduced, some endagered and always more almost extinct through over-fishing as either undwanted by-catch with inadequate fishing techniques and worst but not least: targeted fishing for their fins!

We KNOW that sharks reproduce very slow because of long the long time to reach sexual maturity, long gestation, little off-spring and less regular breeding. This makes them particularly vulnerable to the massive war engaged against them!

We KNOW that sharks are essential for the balance in the Ocean as top predator on most food-chains and feeding on many different species, sharks keep the Oceans healthy by removing the sick, injured and diseased animals.

We LOVE to dive with them, watching them glide gracefully through the water, letting this unforgettable thrill run through our veins! It's hard to imagine a more intense, yet only visual interaction with any other top predator without anything between! We can't let this experience become a memory for future generations.

Now start to PROTECT by signing the following Project AWARE petition, PROTECT by signing other petitions, PROTECT by subscribing to newsletters of Project AWARE and other organisations like Mision Tiburon, Pretoma. And most important, PROTECT by spreading the work! Invite your friends to sign and follow shark causes and to invite their friends to do the same!

Project AWARE Shark Petition